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Payroll made simple

We solve the human resources and payroll challenges you face today, while also looking towards the changes in employment law and how it will affect your business.

Receive a free consultation and assessment on how to navigate your payroll during COVID-19

A full spectrum of HR solutions 

Odyssey Partners recognise the recruitment and employment demands of Irish and UK companies hiring staff in the USA and Canada.  We tailor our solutions to fit the precise needs of your company. Whether your company wants payroll for just its Irish or USA employees, our talented experts will customise a plan that fits your needs.

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We advise a wide range of clients from every sector. Our experienced team has worked with all life stages, including start-ups, small to medium-sized companies, and global business organisations.

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Our quick onboarding platform allows you to hire staff internationally in days, without the headache and red tape of payroll set up.

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We take pride in collaborating with our clients to provide a comprehensive service that is tailored to your organisation which allows you to move forward with what matters most – managing your business.

We deliver timely strategic advice on all aspects of foreign employment, so you don’t have to waste unnecessary time and money searching. 

Our services

Foreign Payroll

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Payroll Administration

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Human Resources

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We understand the frustrations our clients and their staff have with overseas employment. We promise to deliver a service where the needs of both employers and their employees are looked after.

We are specialised in payroll solutions for these jurisdictions so you can be confident that we know the requirements and standards, wherever you want to employ people.

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From our clients

“As a CFO of an international company employing staff on both sides of the Atlantic, I am well aware of the detailed processes involved, Odyssey Partners built a customized solution to fit our needs.”

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